Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Introducing my Nanny blog!!"

I am new to the blogging community but needed a way to keep up with friends and family with what's going on in my life. Plus I get requests all the time for my funny stories. So, this is a place where I will share those stories, crafts, recipes, pictures and best of all my experience and adventures of being a nanny in Austin Texas 

Just for a little background on the type of Nanny I really am...

They type of work  I do is more like a glorified babysitter than a "Nanny" I work as a contracted temp nanny/babysitter for an Agency call Mom's Best Friend.I don't have one regular family that I work for specifically. I go where ever, whenever I am needed.  I like being a temp nanny at this point in my career because it is a great and easy schedule to manage. I can choose the amount of hours I want, the location of the jobs, and what type of families that I will be working for. Now that I have been doing it for a few years here in Austin, my agency has helped me build a really great client base. Those families can request me back and I can usually get regular work from them. But I am ALWAYS meeting new families. 

This is from Katie's house. She is a from a regular family of mine. I was with her when she got her first pets. Hermit crabs from the Port Aransas coast. In south Texas. Thought it was cute and creatively   expressive. Totally something I would have done when I was her age. She is 7 years old. 

The more I get used to this blogging thing the more posts will come!